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    RSI VENTURES - we are a boutique family office investing primarily in real estate, typically with emerging or lower middle-market sponsors and developers.


    - We directly provide real estate capital including equity and debt, Bridge, & Hard Money Loans


    -some people ask us if we are "brokers" or direct providers of capital? We are Both, depending on your optimized capital needs.

    • our goal: we are looking to align strategically with sponsors, such that our capital can help them advance their platform, business, etc., rather than just one discreet project

    • direct investment size: we are currently investing between $200,000 and $2M, typically in a co-sponsor or "GP Adjacent" position

    • for capital raises $2M and higher, we will utilize our extensive network and coordinate with other private equity real estate funds and Family Offices to provide the full capital stack

    • summary: at RSI Ventures we integrate with the sponsors we work with and provide a holistic capital markets strategy to optimize the capital stack. Not just for one isolated project, but to help grow your business as a whole

    Think of us as a one stop capital shop for the lower middle market. If we can't fund something ourselves, and our interests are aligned, we will find someone that can!


    Brokers encouraged and protected

    Please reach out to realestate@rsiventuresusa.com to submit your deal