• real estate investment opportunities

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    Pacific Northwest Affordable SFR for Rent Communities

    Portland and Seattle bedroom communities with a focus on affordability

    Prefab Construction with Net Zero Energy Usage & Renewable Elements

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    Guardian Net Lease NNN Retail Fund

    A net lease retail investment fund focused on NNN retail properties

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    California Workforce Housing Development

    Temecula, CA

    A bedroom community to major markets in Southern California focused on affordable workforce housing

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    Colorado Workforce Housing Multifamily Development

    Newcastle, CO

    A bedroom community to Denver focused on affordable workforce housing

  • venture capital & private equity investment opportunities

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    A Cloud Workstation Platform

    Little. Green. Powerful.

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    Ikor Labs

    Hemp (CBD) all natural recovery products

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    Optimizing the real estate sharing economy

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    Super Fuds

    Latin America natural / health foods start up

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    Stealth Startup

    Breakthrough diagnostic breast imaging using monochromatic X-ray technology

  • litigation / consumer rights investment opportunities

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    RSI Ventures has a great track record in profitable deals and advisory across the investment landscape. See below for just a few select examples of our success.

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    Industrial Fund


    15% IRR

    Accelerating B2B commerce with a last-mile industrial focus.

    LP investment and advisory role.

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    Litigation Finance / Consumer Rights

    25% + IRR

    Mezzanine debt and advisory role.

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    Michigan Affordable Housing Project

    8% Current Yield

    Carried interest, advisory role, and crowdfunding success.